Charging Tables Keep Preakness Stakes Fully Charged and Connected

Preakness Stakes

POWER UP™ was contracted by The MStock_Preaknessaryland Jockey Club to provide 50 charging tables and charging lounge for Preakness 2017. Spectators used the high quality, innovative charging tables to stay connected and to share all the great moments from the race.

This is POWER UP’s third contract with The Maryland Jockey Club. In 2016, POWER UP customized several high-top charging tables that were used in the owner’s tent at the second race of the Triple Crown. POWER UP also developed 10 customized tables for Laurel Race Track that incorporate 10 inch screens and led lighting. Inside of the 10×20 charging lounge, Preakness attendees will be able to purchase their own personal pocket charger or have access to charge their devices using POWER UP’s 50 high-top tables throughout the venue. Each table has a tempered glass top, three standard electric outlets for laptops, six USB ports and nine LED charging cables.

Ryan E. Doak, Co-founder, POWER UP, said “We’re excited to be working with The Maryland Jockey Club again and bringing technology that will enable Preakness attendees to stay connected during the moments that matter. Preakness is a prime example of how this innovative solution can be used by guests who depend on a fully charged device at large, all-day events.”

Before the 2017 race, Joe Blaylock, Director of IT, The Maryland Jockey Club, said “We cannot wait to roll out 50 new high-top tables and have the charging tent for our infield ticket holders this year. The tables were such a hit in at last year’s Preakness that we knew had to rent more so that more guests could keep their devices fully-charged throughout the day.”