Charging Technology Keeps Runners at 100% at Sole of the City 10k

POWER UP™ (formerly NV3 Technologies) partnered with the Under Armour Sole of the City 10k race in Baltimore to keep runners at 100%.sole of the city charging-tables-lounge-1

Several Charging Tables were set up, as well as a large Charging Trailer, which can easily charge many devices at once. The Charging Tables and Trailer can run off of a wall outlet or a generator, and the Charging Tables can also run off of an internal battery, which is an additional option offered for purchase.

The Charging Stations were sponsored by a local company, and POWER UP™ provided branding services for both the table and the trailer. Branding includes high quality vinyl wraps on the exterior of the units, as well as media content where available. The Charging stations were an excellent way for people to recharge their dead phones after the race, and a great way for the sponsor partner to have attendees see their brand.