Experiential Marketing: Make Your Brand Stand Out!

In the days before the Internet became a way of life, advertising was mostly confined to signs, mailed ads, and flyers. Now, however, ads are everywhere, with digital versions joining physical ads to the point where many of us feel bombarded with marketing around the clock. As a result, many people have become somewhat numb to ads, with the bells and whistles that used to grab attention now being largely ignored.

How Can You Stand Out?

experiential_marketing_charging_tableSo, how can brands stand out and get the attention of their audience in such an environment? Clever marketing uses the modern desire for constant connectivity to its advantage. Ad re-targeting might be a popular approach, but it’s far from the only way to get your message across. More and more companies are turning to experiential marketing to form a two-way connection with customers. Whether it’s an in-person giveaway or a flash mob, the trend is moving toward establishing a direct connection with customers.

Experiential marketing doesn’t tell or show your brand’s messages to customers; it allows them to create their own relationships or memories with the brand, forging a powerful connection that can last for years.

Experiential Marketing in Action

One example of experiential marketing is the 29Rooms event carried out by lifestyle brand Refinery29. The company sets up an “interactive funhouse” made up of 29 rooms that are each individually branded and curated. People can enjoy a different experience inside each one, and they are all created with different brand partners ranging from artists to car manufacturers. Inside the rooms, people can try out different hands-on experiences that are as relevant as they are fun.

Another example of experiential marketing is using branded cell phone charging stations to provide people with a service that is much-needed and very appreciated. By incorporating your logo and graphics or using HD displays to showcase your company while people charge their phones, you can increase the chances of getting people to engage with your brand and keep your name fresh in their minds when they do need the type of service or product you offer.

By creating a memorable experience, companies are inviting consumers to participate in the evolution of their brand.

Start evolving and power connections between people and your brand today.