Extend Your Brand with PowerUp™

A brand is about far more than simply its logo—it’s about telling a story. Showing consumers who you are, what you do, and what you stand behind are all essential parts of your brand. Consumers are looking to truly connect with brands these days, but attracting their attention long enough to do so can be tricky.

Video can be a great way to tell more of a story, but how can you ensure its getting watched? The one thing that most all consumers have in common is the need to charge their phones—why not provide them with the opportunity to do so? Consider using the PowerUp™ Charging Trailer, Floor Standing LED Station or Slim LED Station to share you brand and keep consumers connected.

charging trailerPower Up™ Charging Trailer
Ideal for large venues, such as music festivals or sporting events, the Charging Trailer is capable of charging 60 devices at once. It’s equipped with two 55” premium outdoor-rated screens and an HD media player that’s able to play video or a jpg image slideshow and can stream Bluetooth audio. While consumers gather around the trailer as their phones charge, your brands message will be heard loud and clear. In addition to being able to play videos/images, the entire trailer can be visually branded to match your company identity, providing instant brand recognition.

Power Up™ Floor Standing LED Station
The LED Station allows you to share your brands message through a premium 32” HD LED display and is capable of charging up to 10 devices simultaneously. The unit can be customized to fit your branding and the integrated HD media player is sure to turn some heads.

Power Up™ Slim LED Station
Short on space, but big on messaging? The Slim LED station has got you covered, with all of the features of the LED station in a thin form-factor. It can even be mounted on the wall!

Having your company provide the ability for consumers to charge their devices will undoubtedly leave a positive impression of your brand, so what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to start extending the power of your brand with Power Up™.

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