Power UP™ Charging Trailer Keeps Fans Connected on Game Day and Beyond

Did you know that the overall attendance for NCAA football games across all divisions drew 49,315,857 fans at home games, neutral-site games and postseason games in 2016? This is an increase of 257,891 total fans more than the 2015 season.

Create a Positive Experience for Fans

With such a large and ever-increasing fan-base in a relatively small area, marketers everywhere are trying to get a piece of the college football pie. However, it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of ads. That’s where experiential marketing comes in. Rather than simply creating a display ad, or slapping your logo on a cup, wouldn’t it be great if you could truly make a difference in fans’ game day experiences? Now you can, with the Power Up™ Charging Trailer.

charging trailer

Why a Charging Trailer?

The Power Up Charging trailer can be completely custom branded and is capable of charging 60 devices at once, ideal for large crowds and tough environments. The charging trailer goes beyond simply providing the ability to charge devices to being a comprehensive experience with two screens that can display PSAs, advertisements, or anything you want to share with fans.

When fans go to a college football game, they attend it not just for the game itself, but for the entire daylong experience. From the tailgate to the after-party, it’s going to be a long day. Providing fans with the opportunity to keep their phones powered throughout the day allows them to continue to stay connected and capture the moments that matter.

Because of the Charging Trailer’s mobility, it can even be taken on the road, spreading university pride and your brand’s message throughout its entire journey.

Charging Beyond the Big Game

charging trailerAside from game day activities and other events, college campuses are active communities where students, faculty, and staff co-exist. Most of these people are on the go all day. Providing a way to charge devices—whether a cell phone, laptop, or tablet—keeps everyone connected and able to focus on what matters most.

For students, the Power Up Charging Trailer is not only the perfect place to charge in between classes, but also a place to catch up with classmates. Campus life is about building an experience, and a branded Charging Trailer can serve as an integral part of this immersive lifestyle.

Should an emergency situation arise and dorms and/or offices lose power, the Charging Trailer is there to serve as a power source to keep students, faculty, and staff connected.

How to Get the Charging Trailers

For Marketers
Interested in having your brand displayed to thousands of people in a targeted, college environment? Contact us to learn more.

For Universities
If you’re interested in having a Charging Trailer at your University, we have several Value Added Resellers that specialize in sponsorships. This keeps your funding focused directly on education, while still being able to provide the benefit of a Charging Trailer to your students, faculty, and staff. Contact us to discuss a sponsored Charging Trailer with one of our trusted partners.