Unique Charging Trailer Supplies Power & Excitement

POWER UP™ enables energy provider to deliver power and build brand awareness

The company is one of the United States’ largest producers and transporters of energy and focuses on investing in clean energy, including solar, natural gas and nuclear. It operates one of the largest natural gas storage systems in the U.S. with
1 trillion cubic feet of capacity, and serves more than 6 million utility and retail energy customers.

As a major power and energy provider, the company is responsible for supplying power to its customers at all times. The energy provider needed a way to supply its customers with mobile charging in the event of area power outages during natural disasters or emergency events. Additionally, the company wanted to increase its brand awareness with target audiences at community and
philanthropically events that it attended and/or sponsored. The energy company sought an innovative solution that could maximize its investment and be used for both types of events.

In 2014, the company began researching providers that could deliver a solution that met its needs. The energy provider contacted POWER UP™, the industry’s premium charging technology company, because it is based out of Maryland and could easily meet with them in-person to discuss goals and objectives. POWER UP™ designed and built a charging trailer with the capacity to charge 100 phones
at once and could advertise the brand on two television screens.

In 2017 when the energy provider rebranded, it wanted to retrofit the existing charging trailer in order for it to be solar powered instead of having to be plugged in to an energy source. Four hundred watts of solar panels and 800 amp hours of battery power were added to take the trailer entirely off the grid, while displaying a new brand design by being “wrapped”. This brought the total solar capacity to 1,000 watts and 1,200 amp hours of energy storage. The redesigned trailer also includes 12 charging lockers on either side that work with RFID wristbands that lock and unlock them, as well as two high-top charging tables.

POWER UP™ was able to design, build and redesign an innovative, charging trailer that was able to accommodate exactly what the energy provider envisioned. The trailer has been able to increase awareness for the company, amplify its mission of promoting clean energy, and grow the amount of partnership, sponsorship and event opportunities the company can pursue.

The trailer has been instrumental in the company’s public relations and public outreach efforts and has increased the overall brand awareness with its existing and new target markets, such as millennials. During the first use of the solar-powered, charging trailer, the energy provider was able to capture more than 400,000-500,000 impressions.

By making the trailer 100 percent solar-powered, the company was able to extend its mission of investing in clean energy and solar generation. The new trailer reflects the renewable energy base trend the energy company is seeing in its own new business practices.
Moving forward, the energy company plans to expand the trailer’s usage. In addition to the events the energy company already scheduled to attend and sponsor, the new trailer has increased the amount of partnership, sponsorship and event opportunities that the company can pursue. For example, the company plans on using the trailer at events to promote new solar fields.

About POWER UP™ (a Barcoding, Inc. Company)

POWER UP™ is the industry’s premium charging technology company. Our mission is to connect moments that matter for companies,
events, and facilities whose guests and customers depend on a fully charged device. Proudly manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland,
POWER UP™ innovation transforms device charging into lasting relationships and exceptional experiences for our clients’ brands and