Energy Companies

The Problem

Utility and emergency management companies are often criticized for not connecting deeply enough with customers. During or after a disaster, consumers without power are unable to charge their phones and other devices, and blame gets shifted to the companies.

Customers feel disconnected from the big name brand organizations, and in the moments they are without power, their panic is exacerbated by unknown factors like when power will be restored. That same panic and frustration flows through customers in the face of disaster recovery, as they remain powerless–literally and figuratively.

Without a personal connection to customers, those best efforts will still fall short.

What can be done to connect more effectively? Target the need behind the outcry: offer mobile recharging solutions.

The Solution

Easing the struggle during and after disasters is easily done with Power Up solutions.

Utility and emergency management companies that are prepared the most will benefit the greatest. Having portable recharging options is something your company needs to invest in before it’s too late. Having solutions on hand for your customers means they have somewhere to turn as soon as the disaster strikes or as soon as the community events take place.

Such an investment not only solidifies the connection with existing customers but opens up your company to the acquisition of new customers.

Being the first one to provide a solution to your customers makes your company the most memorable.


Why Choose Power Up Solutions?

Comprised of innovators and marketers with over a decade of experience manufacturing solutions, your organization can support customers no matter where you are located.

The applicability extends far beyond emergency situations. Even with local festivals or community events you can positively promote your brand by helping your customers to stay connected.

Mobile charging trailers and tables are a proven solution for utility and emergency management companies.

Positively Promote Your Company

While using the portable trailers, your customers will not only surround themselves with the custom marketing on the mobile units, but they will promote your company on social media and other sites where information and updates are shared.

The trailers and charging tables let you positively promote your brand while providing services to your customers via a multitude of power forms ranging from USB to cable outlets. Customers will soon learn that they can rely upon your company to recharge their batteries literally and figuratively, send updates and reminders to friends and family, and receive emergency alerts when it matters most.

Use Analytics to Further Connect with Customers

With our solutions, we provide analytics to illustrate your ROI. The analytics will tell you:

  • How many guests used the trailers and the tables alike
  • Which of the two recharging options were used most heavily
  • How long people charged their devices

More importantly we can provide information on what demographics of people use your charging station and how often they return.

This valuable information will allow your organization to make necessary changes to what you are offering. If an event or disaster is pending later in the week, you can review the historical analytics to figure out if you need to provide more trailers, exchange recharging tables for trailers or vice versa. If you are providing a service for a week-long festival, this data will help you refine the solutions you offer customers on a daily basis.