Hospitals, medical centers, doctor’s offices are all places that can benefit from cell phone charging stations, tables, and kiosks. Dead cell phones are a potentially huge gap in patient and visitor satisfaction to your hospital or health care facility. Without a strategic cell phone or device charging strategy, your patients and their visitors may be left feeling stressed and disconnected in their times of crisis. Here are 5 ways that a simple device charging plan will help transform your hospital.

Choose POWER UP™ as your partner for charging technology for your healthcare facility!

Overall Positive Experience

Phone charging kiosks positively impact the experience of patients and visitors who may be unprepared in the time of a health emergency.  Strategically placing cell phone charging kiosks, tables, or lockers in waiting rooms delivers an immediate positive first impression in your hospital or health care facility.

Stress Relief

Time spent in a hospital is a stressful experience. By thinking ahead and providing an essential service around cell phone charging, your hospital is helping relieve one area of stress by keeping families and loved ones connected in times of uncertainty and crisis.


Strategically placed cell phone charging units help keep your hospital running smoothly and safely by keeping visitors and patients away from wall outlets.  Charging stations also help keep your staff focused on providing quality care and not on assisting panicked loved ones and visitors with dead phones.

Real-time Communication

Modern charging technology goes beyond the power cord and helps hospitals and health care facilities communicate in real-time with patients and visitors. By using digital signage (which can be controlled from a central command station), hospitals can deliver key messages to their visitors when it matters most.

Care Beyond

Patient care is about providing an environment of healing and comfort. For most of us, a way to stay fully connected is one of the easiest and best ways to provide that type of comfortable, caring environment. Patients and visitors can access the information they need to understand the care that’s being given and to stay connected to loved ones outside hospital walls. Wherever there is a kiosk, table, or charging unit, there is a 15-minute (or 60 minute) boost available to the people who matter most – your patients.

The University of Maryland Medical Center, located in the city of Baltimore, has Power Up™ Kiosks in six waiting areas throughout the hospital. These areas include the Adult Emergency Department, R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, Rosylin & Leonard Pavilion, Patient Resource Center Nora & Stephen Burch Family Area and Maryland Heart Center. The kiosks charge up to 12 cell phones simultaneously, including tablets, and have a built-in 32” monitor to provide hospital information.

The kiosks are manufactured by Power Up™ in Baltimore, Maryland. The kiosks provide clean, safe, and efficient power to mobile devices to enable visitors, patients, and staff to stay connected in the moments that matter.

Hospitals Currently Connected with POWER UP™ Charging

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • University of Maryland Medical Center – Multiple Locations
  • Rush University Medical Center
  • University of Missouri Hospital
  • Oregon Health and Science University
  • Palo Alto Health Care
  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • Lee County SW Florida Medical Services
  • Mercy Hospital
  • Unity Hospital
  • Integris Health