Sports & Leisure

Power Connections Between Fans and Brands

As a solution provider and/or venue in the sports, music and entertainment industry, you are focused on creating unique atmospheres for fans that is enhanced at every major touch point. POWER UP™ provides the premium charging tables, trailers, and stations that power connections between brands and fans.

Many of our customers are looking for ways to increase engagement and brand presence for sponsorship clients. POWER UP™ charging technology allows venues to provide an essential service and add value to each sponsorship.

This year, we’ve worked closely with the Baltimore Orioles, the Baltimore Ravens, and the San Francisco 49ers to implement premium charging technology in their stadiums to enhance the fan experience.

Charging Stations add value by:

  • Increasing “dwell time” in respective sponsor or branded spaces – leading to a greater per capita spend on concessions
  • Highly accessible service that are visually appealing and a great add-on for sponsors
  • Increased fan satisfaction
  • Increased fan security and safety
  • Brand uplift and positive experiences in premium areas

Executives can see growth opportunity in premium seating areas by implementing POWER UP™ products to enhance the fan experience.

“I would highly recommend them to businesses and other venues that want to increase brand visibility, improve fan engagement and provide a desirable service to their clients.”  ~ David Potamianos, sponsorship sales manager for Legends Global Sales

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