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POWER UP™ Charging Locker

Featuring individually controlled charging compartments, our premium POWER UP™ Charging Lockers deliver peace of mind to your customers who need space to charge safely and securely.

Why Choose the POWER UP™ Charging Locker?

The POWER UP™ Charging Locker enables your clients to stay safely and securely powered on and connected at your event or facility. Provides much needed peace of mind.

What Makes the POWER UP™ Charging Locker Unique?

The POWER UP™ Charging Locker provides a secure way for customers to charge their devices: 12 lockers charge up to 24 phones or other small devices. Larger locker options available for larger devices, such as tablets.. Choose RFID-enabled lockers for superior service. Share your brand’s message through a premium 28″ LED display with HD media player capable of looping mpg4 video and jpg images.

How Does the POWER UP™ Charging Locker Work?

The POWER UP Charging Locker™ features 12 individually controlled compartments, each with two LED cables and is secured by a high-end lock that enables guests to select and set a customized code. The LED cables change colors (from red to green) based on the charging status, so users can visually see when their device is fully charged.

No training is needed to use the unit. Clear, concise directions on how to use the device are displayed prominently, giving your guests and customers an exceptional experience and sparing your staff from managerial responsibilities.

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For added security and usability, a popular option is to upgrade to RFID locks that will work in conjunction with RFID access passes or RFID bracelets.

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Description Specs
Dimensions 73" H x 30" W x 6"D
Weight 195 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 40" x 32" x 86"
Shipping Weight 450 lbs.
Devices Charged (max) 24
Lockers 12
Cables 24 (2/locker)
USB Ports 0
Outlets 0
RFID Enabled Y (Optional)
Power Supply Power Cord
Charging Speed USB C: 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 15V / 2A, 20V / 1.5A; USB A: 5V / 2.4A
Custom Branding Y
Display 32" LED
Warranty Limited Lifetime