Cell Phone Charging Stations for Healthcare Facilities

Improving the Patient Experience with Charging Technology

As healthcare organizations focus increasingly on quality care, patient satisfaction has become a top priority for hospitals and health clinics. However, providing an excellent patient experience involves far more than clinical treatment.

From hospital rooms to transition spaces and waiting areas, healthcare facilities can leverage technology to offer an environment of healing, support and comfort for patients and their families alike.

At POWER UP, we are dedicated to helping our healthcare clients improve the patient experience with our custom charging solutions. Patients and visitors often forget to pack their phone chargers for a hospital visit, particularly during unexpected or emergency situations. By offering a way to charge their phones and personal devices, facilities can help guests relieve stress and stay connected to family and friends during moments that matter.

We’ve worked closely with major healthcare facilities across the country, including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Palo Alto Health Care, University of Maryland Medical Center, Oregon Health and Science University, Mercy Hospital and Unity Hospital, to design custom, cutting-edge charging solutions. Made of medical-grade stainless and designed to meet the unique need of healthcare facilities, our charging stations are:

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic and unobtrusive
  • Customizable for each individual health system’s standards and requirements

For more information on how POWER UP can help improve your clients’ experience, call us at 410-394-5500.

Charging Tower

Our charging tower has been created to specifically meet the needs of healthcare facilities from hospitals, lobbies, cancer treatment centers, clinics, and other types of rehab and healing facilities.


“When I received an urgent call that my mom was in an accident and I needed to meet her at the University of Maryland’s shock trauma unit, I rushed out of the house frazzled and upset. Upon arrival, I realized my phone was nearly dead and immediately started to panic. How would I be able to reach out to family members with status updates or check in to make sure my kids were being cared for while dealing with this tragic situation? I felt so relieved when the hospital staff directed me to the waiting area where a POWER UP Charging Station was located. I have no idea what I would have done if I hadn’t been able to stay connected to family and friends during this difficult time. All hospitals should provide this service to patients and their families.”  ~ Jamie Swisher, Power Up™ Sales

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