Our History

Founded in 2008, POWER UP™ the first to build and sell charging kiosks in the United States.

Our History

In the Spring of 2007, Scott Calhoun and Ryan Doak, decided to go into business together after collaborating on a project with Six Flags. Ryan’s expertise lay in digital signage and Scott had been working in China on mobile device charging. Together they realized that they could develop an innovative product that was like nothing else in the market. Their expertise in technology, engineering, and digital signage would lead them into pioneering in the cell phone charging industry.


Fun Facts about POWER UP™

  • Scott and Ryan sailed off the Florida coast in early April 2007, to find out whether they personalities would fare well against tight spaces and difficult circumstances.
  • We were the first to build and sell public device charging kiosks in the United States.
  • We have powered over 2 million devices worldwide.
  • Our products have been sold in U.S.A., Mexico, Africa, and Canada.
  • We a proudly located in Baltimore, Maryland and our products are manufactured in our own facility with American-made products.
  • We were nominated “Entrepreneur of the Year” four years in a row.
  • We are the only charging company with proprietary smart charging technology.

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