Why Should You Use Cell Phone Charging Stations?

Did you know that more people across the world have access to a cell phone today than a toothbrush? Seems crazy, but it’s true. Cell phones are as part of our daily lives as breathing. As a professional or leader planning or designing a venue space, an event, a hospital floor, or a stadium flow – thinking critically about where and how people will charge up their phones is crucial.

You Need to Meet Customer Expectations

We all know about our personal phone addictions. We take our devices everywhere we go, and we expect to stay connected no matter what – even on vacation. Customer expectations are on the rise, and we are told to keep up or fade away.

To meet your customers’ expectations and to deliver a truly great experience, you need to think beyond outlet placement. You have to think intelligently about how people interact with your space – how long will they have a charged battery (think about events with heavy WiFi usage)? Were they able to prepare or were they caught in an emergency (think about hospital experiences)? Will they expect to share (think about using Instagram at the stadium)?

All of these questions have one thing in common – professionals need to meet consumer expectations when it comes to cell phone use and delivering a great experience.

Enter POWER UP™ Cell Phone and Mobile Device Charging Stations

POWER UP™ is not just a Made in the USA manufacturer of great cell phone charging products. We are design professionals who can help you think through those critical questions and who can help you use cell phone charging stations as part of the experience (not just a nice add-on).

The power of our products isn’t just in the simplicity and quality of the build. We think about what drives our customers’ businesses forward.

Consumer Usage Analytics

Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to use our products to deliver critical analytics on consumer usage and flow. Our cell phone charging stations can measure how many people charge their devices and how long they stay at the table, giving operators, event hosts, and venue professionals data they need to make decisions around traffic flow and hot spots.

Ready to use cell phone charging stations to your advantage?

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