Elevate Patient Comfort with Hospital Bedside Charging

14.07.21 07:45 PM By melinakorine

As a hospital or medical facility, providing your patients with quality care is your top priority. One great way to go above and beyond to create a positive experience for patients is through the power of charging.


During life’s difficult moments, no one should have to worry about their phones—we should be able to focus entirely on our health and our loved ones. Wireless bedside device charging helps patients feel more comfortable, happy, and connected during their stay.


Why is mobile charging essential?

We rely on our devices to stay connected at all times––hospital visits are no exception. Patients and visitors alike need to be able to let their families and friends know how they’re doing. The ability to check in and speak with loved ones during a hospital stay greatly improves patient comfort and fosters a more positive experience overall at your facility. Plus, these days our phones serve as more than just phones. They also hold important patient information, like symptom tracking or health history that patients may need to access during their stay.


What are the benefits of hospital bedside charging?

A low battery mobile device is an avoidable stressor during these already stressful experiences. Wireless charging ensures that patients never have to worry about their devices. Bedside charging is incredibly convenient for patients; it helps them be more independent during their stay. They won’t have to get out of bed or call for assistance to plug their phone into a wall outlet. Instead, their phone is accessible and charging comfortably within reach.


In addition to patient benefits, amenities such as beside charging can benefit your facility and employees, too by saving time and improving overall patient mood. Small touches like wireless charging will go a long way to boost patient satisfaction, helping your facility achieve higher ratings and better reviews.


Why choose Power Up Hospital Bedside Charging Units?

Power Up’s Hospital Bedside Charging Units are an excellent option for any hospital or healthcare facility. Our Hospital Bedside Charging devices feature wireless charging via 4 USB ports, a Qualcomm Quick Charge port, and a PD Quick Charge port. Also included is a 3-in-1 charging cable, compatible with USB-C, micro, and Apple ports to accommodate various devices.


Hospital bedside charging units can help you show patients how much you care. Go the extra mile to create a comfortable atmosphere for patients with PowerUp’s Hospital Bedside Charging units.


Contact us today to learn more about Hospital Bedside Charging or any of our charging solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!