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What is the turnaround time for a charging solution?

If the unit is in stock it will ship within 10 days.  If it is not in stock typical turnaround time is 30-45 days. Contact a sales rep for a estimate and they will provide you with the lead time.

How do I customize/brand the trailer or other products

We are happy to speak with you about your options before you purchase. If you are just looking to customize your unit with your brand our templates are online.  If you are looking for a custom design then we would like to speak with you if your project has scale and a higher budget. We have done custom units in volume but most come in at a price point of $50,000+ to cover engineering and design.

What are my options for displaying screen content?

Most customers choose our HD media player which comes standard on the trailer. It is a simple player, best described as “plug and play.” Customers plug in a USB flash drive in order to upload up to 4GB of images or video to the player. We recommend using a PC computer rather than a Mac to upload content to the flash drive. Once content is uploaded, the user plugs the flash drive into the HD media player. Screen content will play automatically when the kiosk is plugged in. There are several other options for digital signage as well. Some of our customers need to remotely manage content but may not want to invest a lot of time into designing and managing what plays on the screens. Our Mediabox allows customers to stream content wirelessly to the screen. To learn more about our different signage options, contact a sales representative.

Will Power Up™ sell units outside of the USA?

Yes, we have sold units all across North America, and we have customers in South America, Europe, and Africa as well. We will sell units to any customer regardless of location.  However, we will only rent units to USA based customers. 

How are the units shipped?

All units are shipped via our freight company on a pallet except the portable power solutions, which may be shipped UPS based on quantity. This ensures they are not damaged in the shipping process. You are welcome to coordinate your own freight. We are not liable if the freight company damages your shipment. We always recommend to add insurance to your shipment. 

How do I contact you?

Our phone number is 410-394-5500 or chat with us by clicking the bubble in the bottom right of every page.

Where are you located?
 Billing Address Production Address Loading Dock Address (Appointment Required)
 101 N. Haven St Suite 301 101 N. Haven Street Suite 301 3500 Pulaski Hwy
 Baltimore, MD 21224 Baltimore, MD 21224Baltimore, MD 21224