Enjoy Outdoor Events With Solar Charging Tables

26.02.21 06:56 PM By melinakorine

With increased distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and decreasing cases in many parts of the country, things are thankfully looking a little bit brighter as we move forward into the rest of 2021. Businesses, restaurants and other establishments are starting to reopen, and events can be held at slightly higher capacities.


However, it is still important that we remain diligent about stopping the spread of germs and practicing social distancing. Until we reach herd immunity and/or everyone is vaccinated, COVID-19 continues to be a concern, so it’s a good idea to hold events outdoors whenever possible to help stop the spread.


Power Up’s Solar Powered Charging Tables can help by bringing the indoors outside. Event attendees can use their devices as needed and keep them charged, all without having to go inside to find a power source. Our solar powered charging tables are a great option for sports games, wedding or party venues, and other events that might be held outdoors.


The Importance of Outdoor Events

The CDC recommends that we “prioritize outdoor activities where social distancing can be maintained as much as possible.”  While no in-person event is guaranteed to be completely safe, outdoor events are more COVID-friendly and pose less risk than indoor events. This is because the air is constantly circulating, which helps reduce the transmission of airborne, COVID-carrying droplets.


How Do Solar Powered Charging Tables Work?

Just like the solar panels on top of a house or in a solar energy field, our solar powered charging tables harness the power of the sun to create usable energy. With a 68 watt solar panel right on the surface of the tabletop, these tables store energy in a 35 Ah battery.


A convenient, real-time voltmeter shows the available power, so you can always be aware of the amount of charge remaining. If for any reason the table cannot run on solar power temporarily, you can simply plug in the included power cable to recharge it.


What Are The Benefits of Solar Powered Charging Tables?

  1. They are an environmentally-conscious choice
    Since solar powered charging tables use less energy than traditional electric chargers, they are better for the environment. As long as you use the solar charging method, these tables are completely self-sustaining.


  1. They provide flexible, convenient charging anywhere
    Another great feature of solar powered charging tables is that they can be placed anywhere. You’re not constrained to the location of outlets¾simply set up the table wherever it’s needed most. They are fully freestanding and can sit on almost any flat surface, which makes them ideal for outdoor events in large, open spaces.


  1. They can hold many devices at a time
    With 9 cables and 6 USB ports, our solar powered tables can hold up to 15 devices. This allows for many event guests or employees to charge their phones at a time, so that no one's ever stuck without a phone.


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