Keeping Hospitals Clean and Connected This Flu Season

26.09.22 03:51 PM By melinakorine

Flu season is fast approaching. Is your hospital prepared? 

Don’t neglect to sanitize an often-missed area: our devices. With patients, visitors, and staff all using devices throughout the hospital, there’s a constant influx of germs. Help combat the spread of bacteria by offering UVC sanitizing at your facility.

UVC Sanitization is Highly Beneficial for Hospitals

Did you know that viruses and other bacteria can stay on our devices for as long as 3 days? 

At any medical facility, cleanliness is critical. Hospital staff wear gloves, wipe down door knobs, and regularly clean equipment. Don’t let an unsanitized phone or tablet contaminate your facility. UVC sanitizing, like our UVC Charging Carts, allows hospital staff to clean and charge their devices––and in turn, keep your hospital and patients safer.

How Does UVC Work? 

Ultraviolet C (UVC) lights emit 254nm UV light, strong enough to kill any bacteria and viruses that might be lingering on your device. The lights are powerful enough to demolish germs at the molecular level without damaging the device. UVC is the best option, as disinfecting wipes or sprays leave an annoying residue and create waste. UVC light offers a cost-effective and convenient way to keep your hospital clean.

UVC Charging Carts

If you’re seeking the best in charging and sanitization, we recommend Power Up’s UVC Charging Cart. It provides complete UVC sanitizing within 5 minutes, meaning busy medical staff can get their important devices back quickly. It also has a convenient adjustable timer for disinfection and charging. 

Most importantly, our charging units are safe and easy to use. Each cart can charge up to 65 devices, so there’s plenty of capacity for numerous phones, tablets, and other shared devices. You can place the charging cart in break rooms, waiting rooms, or any other convenient location.

Power Up is the Right Partner for Hospitals

Our team is here to help you stop germs this flu season and beyond. Contact us today to find out how we can support your hospital or organization.