Make A Powerful Impression with Power Up

19.05.21 09:06 PM By melinakorine

A brand is nothing without a strong brand identity. Your brand identity helps your customers know who you are, what you sell, and what makes you different from competitors––all of which are key to keeping customers’ interest and ultimately, making a sale.


So, how can your company showcase successful branding? Traditional ads and digital marketing are important, but going the extra mile to make a good impression can really help your brand stand out. Power Up’s branded charging towers and other branded charging products are a great way to create a memorable experience for potential customers.


The Value of Charging Solutions

We all rely on our phones, so when you’ve been out all day and get the notification that your phone has a low battery, it can be stressful. The average person doesn’t keep a phone charger with them while they’re on-the-go, so all too often we are stranded with a dead phone.


In these moments, a charging tower is like a beacon of hope––and if your brand name or logo is on the tower, the grateful user will know exactly who to thank! A positive impression like this is invaluable. Users will remember that your company was the one who helped them out. That extra step to show that your brand cares will go a very long way.


Showcase Your Brand with Custom Branding

Power Up can help you showcase your brand and reach potential customers with our products. All of our solutions, like the UVC Charging Carts, lockers, towers, tables, and LED charging kiosks can all be customized with your logo. These freestanding units can be installed in visible, high-traffic settings. Not only will you get more eyes on your brand name, but the units will be conveniently right where users need it most.


As more events are being held post-COVID, now is a perfect opportunity to get your brand out there during sports games, concerts, and other events. Plus, many people will be traveling this summer as more people become fully vaccinated. You can place a branded Pure Zone UVC Charging Locker at an airport or train station and help people charge and sanitize their devices during stressful traveling situations. 


Custom Templates Make It Easy

Power Up offers templates to make custom branding a breeze. All your designer needs to do is upload your graphics or artwork, like your logo, into our template on Adobe Illustrator. The templates are to scale, so you can make sure that your graphics are sized correctly and fit onto the charging station neatly. We’ll take care of the rest. If you need help designing your custom-branded charging tower, we can even help with that too!


Let’s Work Together
Do you have any questions about custom charging solutions or any of our products? Ready to get started with a branded charging kiosk for your next event? Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help!