Stay Prepared with Portable Power for Emergencies

21.07.23 04:41 AM By melinakorine

Hurricane season is rolling in. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecasts between 1 and 4 major hurricanes (category 3, 4, or 5 storms) for hurricane season 2023. Is your business prepared? 

In the event of a hurricane or another emergency situation that might impact access to electricity, portable charging solutions ensure you’ll still have access to your devices. You can keep your essential devices charged, making it easier to stay connected and informed during life’s most difficult moments.

Stay Connected During Power Outages

Hurricanes and strong storms bring the risk for power outages: the NIH reports that 9 out of 10 major power outages in the U.S. were caused by hurricanes. As such, portable charging products are a smart investment in emergency preparedness. 

In the face of an emergency situation, Power Up technology can help communities:

  • Keep essential devices and equipment charged.

  • Spread safety information and important community updates.

  • Help people stay connected with emergency resources and loved ones.

Let Power Up give you peace of mind with portable power whenever and wherever you need it most.

Portable Power: Power Station

Emergency situations are no match for our toughest technology, including the Power Station. We've recently upgraded our battery technology. As a result, the Power Station provides even more reliable charging with 3kWh of power. They can also be daisy-chained if you need additional power. The battery pack plugs into a regular AC outlet for easy recharging. They can also be recharged with a solar panel for an eco-friendly boost.

The Power Station is an all-in-one solution for emergency management. Designed to work in a range of conditions, the Power Station is built for outdoor use with a hard-shell rugged case and wheels. It’s the most convenient way to recharge when you can’t rely on standard power.

Let’s Stay Connected

Ready to invest in charging solutions? Contact us today. We can help you find the right Power Up products for your business.