UVC Charging Can Keep First Responders Prepared and Safe

20.04.21 05:03 PM By melinakorine

When first responders are on the scene of an emergency, they rely on 2-way radios to communicate. In these dire situations, first responders should never be caught with a dead battery in their radio. Every second counts and quick communication could even be the difference between life and death. 

The Importance of Wireless Communication Devices

Just like we rely on our cell phones to contact loved ones, public safety officers rely on their wireless radio devices to stay in touch during their shift. Police officers, firefighters, corrections officers, and other public safety officials all use communication devices on the job daily, including 2-way radios, scanners, and rugged notebooks.

These wireless communication devices allow them to do their job efficiently and successfully. For example, they can be used to direct a paramedic to the scene where someone has been injured, or help firefighters communicate at the location of a fire. 2-way radios are vital tools, so they absolutely need to be powered up and safe to use at all times.

Never Get Caught with A Dead Battery

Nearly every call that first responders take is a time-sensitive emergency. There’s not a second to spare to wait for a battery to charge! Public safety officers will need to take their devices with them on the go and onto the field. 

Our UVC Charging Carts are a great solution to keep wireless communication devices charged up and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Our carts are available with USB or AC power and are controlled by a smart system that disconnects the power to any device after it’s fully charged. It makes great use of energy and ensures that no one ever has to be stuck with a dead device.

Keep Devices Sanitized and Safe

Communication devices are often shared between shifts, so sanitization is also an important concern, both in the time of COVID-19 and beyond. During the course of the day, many officers might use the same device, so it’s crucial that devices are sanitized between uses.

Our UVC Charging Cart can sanitize up to 65 devices at once, so the entire squad can have access to clean devices whenever needed. UVC light attacks germs at the molecular level to destroy bacteria and clean the device. In as little as 5 minutes, the device will be ready to go! Plus, unlike chemical disinfectants, UVC doesn’t leave behind a residue and requires no costly maintenance or up-keep. Simply set up the unit in the station or office, and you’re ready to go!

Make sure these life-saving devices are accessible and safe to use! Contact us today to find out more about how our UVC Charging Carts can keep first responders prepared and safe.