Basketball is Back: Protect Fans and Players at NBA Games

12.11.21 07:26 PM By melinakorine

Last year, COVID-19 concerns and the NBA bubble meant that fans couldn’t join for in-person games. However, this year basketball is back in full swing. Players and fans are ready, but is your stadium? It’s more imperative than ever to create a safe and welcoming environment for event guests to ensure the success of in-person games to come.

The Benefits of Mobile Charging and Sanitizing

Level up your stadium with mobile charging and sanitizing. Giving basketball game attendees the opportunity to recharge and clean their devices is a great way to keep everyone happy and healthy.

1. Keep Up with New Protocols

In order to keep everyone safe as we return to live games, teams across the country are implementing new health and safety protocols. Many teams, like Oklahoma City’s Thunder have their own mobile apps so that attendees can complete health checks and upload digital proof of vaccination. The Sacramento Kings have asked guests to scan virtual tickets in order to enter the stadium. The entire FTX Arena has gone cashless, and so Heat fans need to have mobile pay set up on their phones.

All of these safety solutions are dependent on access to our phones. So, what happens if your phone dies? No one wants to be turned away from the ticket booth or the concession stand because of a dead battery! Mobile charging solutions give attendees peace of mind knowing they can still enjoy the game and take full advantage of the amenities.

2. Upgrade Your VIP Experience

Speaking of amenities, mobile charging is a great option for stadiums looking to enhance their club-level experience. Club-level patrons can have exclusive access to charging stations for their convenience, a great way to elevate the experience for your VIP guests. Our wooden charging boxes make a beautiful addition to suites. You can even add customized branding to many of our units to add your team logo or stadium name for a seamless visual experience.

3. Protect Players, Coaches, and Fans

Although many stadiums are requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test, germs are still a risk. At large events like games, it’s important to do everything we can to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and other diseases.

Our UVC Charging Locker harnesses the power of UVC light to destroy germs at the molecular level, cleaning devices and preventing the spread of germs. Users can simply plug their phone into the locker bay and it will recharge and sanitize as they wait.

4. Create a Place to Gather

Attending live sports is about more than watching the game, it’s also about spending time with friends and family, enjoying a night out, and feeling the buzz of the game. Our charging tables create the perfect gathering space for fans to reconnect after a year apart. Attendees can pick up some food and drinks, hang out, and charge their phones during halftime. Add charging lockers to locker rooms and staff rooms for players and event staff to recharge, too!

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