Improving Disaster Relief with the POWER UP™ Charging Trailer

24.10.17 04:00 PM By ryandoak

The recent natural disasters in Houston, Florida, and many islands off the United States’ mainland have come as a solemn reminder that infrastructure, no matter how advanced, can quite easily be wiped out. Loss of power is a given in these disasters, but when power grids go down, they bring something with them: the ability to charge our cell phones. The function of cellphones, smartphones or not, is to keep people connected. When power supplies are compromised and cell phones eventually lose their charge, they are rendered useless. In times of such dire need, communicating with others becomes vital. Whether this means contacting officials for help, receiving updates on the path of a storm, or simply telling loved ones that you are safe. During the course of natural disasters, and the ensuing relief efforts, keeping devices charged is paramount. This is where our charging trailer can help. The POWER UP ™ Charging Trailer Our charging trailer has the ability to charge 70 devices at once. This means it can potentially put a crowd of disaster victims back online. It also means that people will likely have the opportunity to charge power banks and secondary devices, without taking a spot away from a another victim. Another benefit is the trailers’ innate mobility. It can be transported from location to location to assist victims in separate areas. If roads are blocked or impassible because of water, the charging trailer could be added to any designated recovery location. In response to natural disasters, these short-term locations are most often erected for people to receive water, food, batteries, and other essentials. With today’s technology, another fundamental service to offer victims is a chance to charge their phones. While our charging trailer is most often used at music and sporting events, it is also equipped for any emergency situation. Flexible solar panels fixed to the trailers’ roof give it the ability to provide 24-hour power. Additionally, the trailer is armed with two 55” LED screens and a 500 watt audio system with four speakers. Together, these can be used to display messages to victims and announce to people in the area that a charging location is readily available. Our Recent Efforts Our charging experts were able to lend a hand in Florida. Following the devastation of Hurricane Irma, we partnered with Florida news stations WFTS and WPTV to bring emergency mobile charging stations to those without power. These charging stations consisted of our patented charging tables, and gave victims the peace of mind that they would be able to contact others when it mattered most. Each of our tables has the ability to charge 18 devices at once. Natural disasters create difficult situations, where people are made powerless to the changes around them. Providing victims with a simple way to charge their phones will go a long way. Learn more about our charging trailer and other charging products here.