Keeping Your Devices Safe: The Latest on Juice Jacking

23.05.23 12:44 AM By melinakorine

Last month, we discussed device security, including a recently popularized scam known as juice jacking. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a form of cyber hacking that’s said to occur when devices are plugged into a public charging station, such as those found in airports and hotels.

While it's always important to protect yourself and your devices, you do not need to be concerned about juice jacking when using Power Up products. 

Juice Jacking: Fact or Myth?

Over the past few months, news outlets have been spreading warnings about juice jacking, sparking distrust in public charging stations. But, the reality is that these claims were not backed up by substantial evidence. 

In fact, it’s possible that there have not been any cases of juice jacking on a personal device at all. Some sources cite that these types of attacks only occur in specific, targeted scenarios, such as government devices. This means that your personal cell phone or laptop is more than likely not a target for juice jacking. 

Security At Power Up

Remember, Power Up products are not at risk for juice jacking or any related security concern. All Power Up charging equipment uses power-only cords, so juice jacking or data transfers cannot occur. 

If you're using a charging station with standard power wires, your devices shouldn't be at risk. The cables that connect a device and any standard power station are designed to only pass power – not data. That means that data cannot be sent from the charging station onto your phone or vice versa. Plus, if your phone is plugged into standard cables, it will give a notice asking whether you “trust” the device, just like when you plug your phone into a computer.

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