POWER UP Improves the Patient Experience with Device Charging Technology

14.09.18 05:42 PM By ryandoak

BALTIMORE, M.D. – September 13, 2018 –POWER UP™ (a Barcoding, Inc. company), the first company to build and sell charging kiosks in the United States, is enhancing the patient experience at health facilities throughout the country with the installation of cutting-edge, custom charging technology solutions. Offering options for quick, convenient device charging and keeping patients and their families connected during the moments that matter. Ryan Doak, co-founder, POWER UP, said, “Providing excellent patient care means providing an environment of healing and comfort. Patients and families often do not bring their cell phone chargers to healthcare facilities, especially when unexpected visits occur, leaving them without a way to charge their phones. Furnishing a way to charge devices to stay connected relieves stress and provides patients and their families with a comfortable, caring environment when they need it most.” Many medical facilities, including hospitals and clinics, are turning to POWER UP’s premier charging stations after discovering the inexpensive charging stations they have purchased online do not meet their standards. POWER UP charging stations are manufactured in its Baltimore facility. Its American-made products are made of medical-grade stainless steel that are durable, easy to clean, ergonomic and unobtrusive to meet the unique demands of healthcare facilities. In addition, each health system has its own standards and requirements. This is why POWER UP works with its clients, such as to Johns Hopkins Hospital, Palo Alto Health Care, University of Maryland Medical Center, Oregon Health and Science University, Mercy Hospital and Unity Hospital, to design custom charging solutions for their facilities. Jorge Garayta, director of healthcare and education, Price Modern, LLC., stated, “It is essential for healthcare facilities to care for both the patient, as well as the family members who are there for support. POWER UP’s smart, innovative solutions enable health systems to provide easy access to power and increase patient satisfaction by ensuring they can keep devices charged during critical moments.”