Powerful and Portable: Power Up's Latest Charging Solutions

24.03.22 01:09 AM By melinakorine


In the digital age, technology is so integrated into our daily lives that we hardly register how much we rely on electricity – until it’s gone. Power outages and other emergencies can bring entire towns and cities to a standstill. While we can’t always predict when a power outage might occur, we can prepare for them. Investing in portable batteries is a smart way to help your community stay connected when they need to most.


Stay Connected with Portable Batteries

During a natural disaster, widespread power outages can be a scary experience. In these moments, we need access to our devices to contact loved ones, stay informed as the situation develops, access bank accounts, and much more. Setting up a portable battery gives everyone the important opportunity to recharge and reconnect.


Portable batteries are also a great option for plenty of non-emergency situations. Add one to your worksite to keep equipment powered up and ready to go. Or, set up a portable battery for events in remote areas without easy access to outlets. The use cases are endless – you never know when you’ll need an extra boost.


Discover Power Up’s Power Stations

Power Up’s Power Stations are an excellent choice if you’re ready to invest in a portable battery. With extreme power output and convenient features, they are a safe, high-performance emergency power source.


Each unit delivers up to 3kWh of power, enough to power a house. If you need more, you can add and daisy-chain additional batteries. Recharging the battery is simple: just plug it into a regular AC outlet or use a solar panel for environmentally-friendly charging.


One essential aspect of any good emergency battery is portability. Our Power Stations are on wheels for easy transport to wherever you need it. Plus, the unit is built into a rugged hardshell case to protect it from the elements.


Pair It With a Battery-Powered Trailer

Our Power Stations work well as a standalone unit, but they can also be added to a Charging Trailer for an all-in-one solution. Our Charging Trailers can be set up anywhere you need additional power – at FEMA sites, outdoor events, COVID-19 testing sites, and more. Our Community Outreach Trailers can be fully customized with a spacious interior, giving community members a comfortable space to recharge.


Are you an existing Power Up customer with a trailer? We can help you enhance your existing unit with our new upgraded battery.


Let’s Work Together

At Power Up, helping people find solutions that keep us connected is our passion. If you’d like to learn more about Power Stations, or any of our charging solutions, please contact us. We would love to work together!