Mobile BESS can provide backup power to critical infrastructure such as hospitals, emergency shelters, and communication centers during power outages caused by disasters. This ensures that essential services remain operational. These systems are also designed to be easily transported and rapidly deployed to disaster-stricken areas. This agility is vital for providing power where it's needed most in the aftermath of a disaster.

Charging Stations:  Mobile BESS can also serve as charging stations for electric vehicles used in disaster relief efforts, helping keep these vehicles operational during extended relief operations.

Renewable Energy Integration:  Mobile BESS can be coupled with renewable energy sources by leveraging solar panels. This allows them to operate independently from the grid, making them invaluable in remote or hard-to-reach disaster areas.

Long-Term Recovery:  Mobile BESS can support not only immediate relief efforts but also long-term recovery and rebuilding. They can power construction equipment and tools, helping to accelerate the recovery process.

Grid Stabilization:  In cases where the main power grid is affected, mobile BESS can act as a micro grid system while power is being restored. 

Energy Resilience:  By storing energy, these systems help maintain energy resilience. They can be charged during non-emergency periods and be ready to supply power during disasters, reducing the impact of power disruptions.

Cost-Efficiency:  While there is an initial investment in mobile BESS, they can ultimately save costs compared to traditional fossil fuel generators due to lower operational and maintenance expenses.

Remote Operations:  Mobile BESS can be remotely monitored and controlled, allowing for adjustments in real-time. This is especially useful in dynamic disaster scenarios. 

Reduction of Emissions: Using battery storage in disaster relief efforts can reduce the reliance on fossil fuel generators, leading to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and pollution in disaster-affected areas.          

Mobile Battery energy storage system with Solar
Mobile Battery energy storage system with Solar
Mobile Battery energy storage system with Solar

Product Dimensions8' H x 5' W x 12' L
Product Weight4,500 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions8' H x 5' W x 12' L
Shipping Weight4,500 lbs.
Output Power30kVA
Max Surge Power45kVA
120/208V Outlet 30A1
120/208V Outlets 50A
120V Outlets 20A8
120V Outlets 30A
Charging Input 120V/208V 80A
Solar Array1100 Watts
Custom BrandingYes
UL1973  &  UL9540A
WarrantyLimited 10 year