4 Reasons Why Charging Lockers Are Perfect For Retailers

24.05.21 11:19 PM By melinakorine

retail charging locker

Charging lockers are a mutually beneficial solution for customers and retailers alike. Busy shoppers can feel at ease knowing they don’t need to worry about a dead cell phone, and you can boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Most importantly, you can start seeing impressive ROI on your new unit! These are just a few of the many ways that charging lockers can benefit any retailer:


1.  Elevate Customer Experience

By placing a charging locker in your retail location, you can dramatically increase customer satisfaction. Phone charging is an amenity and a great way to go the extra mile to show your customers that you care. A space to recharge both their phones and themselves creates a relaxing, positive experience that will elevate your store’s atmosphere. Customer experience is everything, and happy customers are likely to spread the word about your store’s fantastic service and attract new clientele.


2.  Help Customers Access Digital Payment

Phones are much more than just phones these daysthey’re also digital wallets. Digital coupons and mobile payment options are increasingly prevalent. If a shopper’s phone runs out of battery, they won’t be able to access their payment methods or discounts and might be less likely to make a purchase in your store.


3.  Retain Customers and Increase Revenue

While a customer waits for their phone to charge, they’re more likely to stick around in your storeand therefore more likely to make a purchase. Plus, you’ll have a higher shopper-to-buyer conversion rate since customers are less likely to get distracted and find a different place to shop. Our charging lockers also offer an opt-in phone number or email collection, a great way to follow up with shoppers and convert customers through marketing initiatives.


4.  Expand Your Advertising Horizons

Our charging towers feature a touch screen and an optional 10-in screen. Not only does this make the units highly user-friendly, but it also opens up the possibility of incorporating advertising onto your charging unit. You can feature product resources, helpful store information, or display ads. Regardless of what you select, you can be confident that it will get views from every shopper who uses the charging locker.


Pure Zone UVC Charging Lockers

Power Up’s Pure Zone UVC Charging Locker is the ideal solution for retail. Since they can stand upright and feature a slim footprint, it’s simple to set up a locker anywhere that is convenient and accessible. Each unit has 10 locker bays, and each locker bay has 3 charging cables, so plenty of customers can use it simultaneously. Customers can feel secure leaving their phones behind with multiple locking options available. We can also provide analytics on usage so that you can calculate ROI on your charging locker and start seeing the incredible results of your investment. Additionally, you can take the experience up a notch with customized branding. You can add your own logo or your sponsor’s logo directly onto the locker so that it looks and feels on-brand for your space.


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