Celebrating Our Expansion into Panama

06.04.22 10:40 PM By melinakorine

Since the early days of Power Up, we’ve adhered to the same mission: keep people connected during the moments that matter. From stadiums to college campuses, to hospital waiting rooms, we’ve helped countless communities stay powered up and connected with our innovative charging technology.


Power Up in Panama

Now, we’re taking that mission to new heights. We’re thrilled to share that we’ve recently expanded into Central America, shipping $100k worth of Power Up products for distribution in Panama. 

This marks our first entry into the Latin American market, and we’re immensely grateful for the support we’ve received. It’s a testament to the hard work of everyone on our team. We also couldn’t have achieved this without the aid of the Maryland Department of Commerce, which helped us facilitate a seamless transition into this new market.

Expanding to a global scale has been an exciting journey for PowerUp. Previously, our parent company, Barcoding, Inc. had stepped into the international market through Lt. Governor Boyd Ruthorford’s trade mission to Israel, capturing nearly $250,000 in sales.

Local Spirit, Global Impact

As we expand abroad, however, we know it all starts right here in our hometown of Baltimore. Power Up believes in the importance of starting locally to make an impact globally. Getting charging units from Highlandtown in Baltimore all the way to Panama requires a team effort, and we’re honored to serve our community by creating jobs and growing our local economy.


We are excited to see our charging solutions implemented in new places, both in Maryland and around the globe. When the whole world is connected, everyone benefits.


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