Charging Solutions are a Home Run For Baseball Stadiums

20.06.22 12:49 AM By melinakorine

America’s favorite pastime just got even better: Several major league baseball stadiums around the country have upgraded to Power Up charging technology. 

We’re thrilled to partner with stadiums to keep fans, players, and staff connected this baseball season and beyond.

Staying Connected Through the Innings

Baseball may be a centuries-old sport, but these days we rely on technology to keep things running smoothly on and off the field. 

From coaches’ iPads to fans’ cell phones, stadiums are full of important devices. As digital amenities like mobile tickets and cashless payments become more commonplace at stadiums, stadium revenue is at stake, too. Charging solutions ensure that everyone can access their devices, whenever and wherever they need them.

Power Up charging solutions keep devices charged and ready to use all the way to the final inning. Our Charging Tables can charge over 20 devices simultaneously, ideal for busy spaces like concession areas or locker rooms. Fans, athletes, and staff alike can keep their devices charged so they never miss any of the action.

Germs can spread quickly in packed stadiums. UVC device sanitizing is a great way to mitigate the spread of germs in a big stadium crowd. Our UVC Charging Locker disinfects and charges devices in minutes, helping to keep baseball fans safe during the pandemic and beyond.

Baseball is Even Better With Power Up

You’ll never strike out when you choose Power Up. We're here to help you stay connected with technology for stadiums and beyond. Contact us today to find out how we can work together.