Elevate Guest Experience with UVC Charging Lockers

16.03.21 04:17 PM By melinakorine

There’s nothing more frustrating than when it’s halfway through the game or event and your phone buzzes with the dreaded “low battery” alert. You can’t capture any more photos, look up game stats, or check in on socials. In extreme cases, a dead phone could even lead to safety concerns, making it difficult to get in contact with people or look up important information.


During the moments that matter most, people rely on their phones to be safe, clean, and charged.


Dual-Purpose UVC Lockers

As an event host or a stadium operator, providing your guests with a charging solution is a huge opportunity to boost guest satisfaction and boost overall experience. PowerUp’s UVC Charging Locker is the ideal solution for events and sports venues. Guests can simply plug their phones into one of 10 locker bays, and their phone will be charged as they wait. Each locker has 3 cables inside to accommodate most devices. You can select from two different locking options, either an interactive touch screen, or a keypad with RFID and PIN capabilities. That way, guests won’t need to worry about leaving their phone behind as they continue to enjoy the event or game.


These lockers serve dual purposes: charging and sanitizing. We’ve upgraded our lockers to include UVC light, a powerful tool used to disinfect phones. Even as COVID-19 cases start to decrease, safety still needs to be of paramount concern. The pandemic has forever altered the way we look at group events, so guests will still be interested in solutions that allow them to feel safe on-site.


How Does UVC Work?

UVC light works by destroying bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, at the molecular level. The disinfection process emits 254nm UV light that destroys the molecular bonds that hold their DNA together.


Our UVC Charging Lockers are upgraded with 12 LED UVC lights to each locked bay to sterilize a device as it charges. A reflective film is applied with a stainless-steel grill, allowing your device to float so that all surfaces are disinfected evenly. For an extra level of safety, a magnetic safety switch turns the UVC lights on when the locker door is closed, and then switches them on when the door is opened.

What Are The Benefits of UVC Lockers?

Where other cleaning solutions fall short, UVC cleaning is clean, safe, and cost-effective. Chemical disinfectants leave an annoying residue on devices, which can feel like more hassle than it’s worth. Similarly, flimsy cleaning wipes just won’t cut it. They are expensive to continually replace, and they are wasteful, piling up in landfills after disposal. UVC leaves no residue, doesn’t cause harm to devices, and you don’t need to worry about replacement costs and resources. With just one unit, guests can clean and charge their phonesall you need to do is complete the initial hassle-free install.


Our UVC lockers are thoughtfully designed with a variety of features. You can add a personal touch with custom branding on the unit. Additionally, we can provide analytics that help you learn more about your guests’ interests and needs, as well as ROI calculations. With opt-in data capture, the units can log phone numbers and email addresses for future communications and promotions.


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