Gear Up for An Extra Busy Holiday Season with Charging Units

22.10.21 02:48 PM By melinakorine

The holidays are just around the corner and this year, it’s more important than ever to make your list (and check it twice) well in advance. Between the impact of COVID-19 and global supply chain issues, holiday shopping is certainly going to look a little different this year. As a retailer, you can support shoppers––and drive revenuewith convenient mobile charging for your store.

Supply Chain Disruptions Will Impact Holiday Shopping

Due to the pandemic, retailers around the country are dealing with the effects of supply chain disruptions. The holiday season is when many vendors make a majority of their sales, and, even in the best of circumstances, supply is strained due to high demand at the end of the year. In 2021, retailers will more than likely face supply shortages, limited product variety, and stressed-out shoppers. Especially since delayed shipping issues will prompt more shoppers to do in-store shopping rather than placing online orders and risking their packages not arriving in time for the holidays.

Prepare For Black Friday 2021

Because of this, consumers are encouraged to get their holiday shopping done early. This means that the sooner you can prepare your store for the season, the better. Black Friday is shaping up to be especially busy; a survey found that “32% [of shoppers] plan to shop in person on Black Friday this year, compared with 16% last year.” Many people did not shop in person in 2020, and so it’s even more important to make sure that their experience is positive.

Create a Welcoming Environment For Shoppers

With even more holiday shoppers hitting stores this season, retailers should consider providing amenities like mobile charging. Going the extra mile to create a welcoming, relaxing shopping experience for your customers is a great way to make a lasting impression on shoppers and potentially secure a lifelong customer. Remind customers that shopping online may be convenient, but there’s no substitute for the ambiance and personalized experience of in-person holiday shopping!

Elevate Guest Experience With Mobile Charging

One fantastic amenity for retail is mobile charging. After a long day of shopping, both customers and their phones are likely low on battery. With a mobile charging station in your store, you can offer guests a place to recharge and refresh. If your store offers mobile coupons or digital loyalty cards, charging also helps ensure that customers can use them and are more likely to make a purchase. Plus, mobile phone sanitizing helps keep everyone safe while shopping during the pandemic.

Equip your store for the holiday rush with PowerUp’s UVC charging locker. It has room for up to 30 devices to charge and get sanitized, so plenty of customers can use the locker at once. Guests can simply plug in their phones with the included cables while they shop. Then, when they’re ready to check out, they can grab their freshly charged and sanitized phone. Then, they’ll happily join your customer loyalty program, if they’re not already members, and use their charged devices for mobile barcode scanning.

PowerUp This Holiday Season

If you’re ready to level up your retail experience, contact us today! We’ll help match you with the right mobile charging solution for your store before the holiday rush.