Keep Students Safe with UVC Charging Carts

20.08.21 05:57 PM By melinakorine

Back-to-school can always be a stressful time for students, teachers, and parents alike. But, this year it is extra challenging as we navigate the effects of COVID-19. As many students are not able to get the vaccine and mask policies vary, schools are poised to see an increased risk of transmission and infection. The Delta variant is on the rise and kids are susceptible. In the last two weeks of July alone, the number of pediatric COVID-19 cases nearly doubled, jumping from 39,000 to 72,000, according to The American Academy of Pediatrics.


Sanitizing Solutions for Schools

Students should be worrying about their grades, college apps, and spending time with friends and familynot whether their devices are clean and safe to use. Keep schools and universities safer this back-to-school season with sanitizing solutions.


Did you know that bacteria can live on our phones for up to 3 days? When invisible germs and pathogens are in the air and on surfaces, it’s essential to keep everything as sanitary as possible to help prevent the spread of viruses. UVC sanitization destroys disease-carrying bacteria at the molecular level to clean the device and protect its user.


From cell phones, to laptops, to tablets, students rely on their devices daily. Many schools even share devices between students, teachers, and staff, which can pose a health risk if they are not cleaned properly between uses. A UVC sanitizing cart allows you to keep these devices sterile and help stop the spread of COVID and other viruses. Students can clean their devices when they arrive at school to keep classrooms clean and before they leave to avoid spreading germs back to their homes and the community.


Power Up Keeps Schools Safe

Power Up’s UVC Charging Cart delivers safe, effective UVC sanitization in just minutes. Students or faculty can simply plug their device into one of the 65 ports and the cart will take care of the rest. Plus, students can use the charging feature so that their devices are always powered up, sanitized, and ready to go. Our carts are easy to install and can be set up nearly anywhere that is convenient, such as the classroom, library, or a common area. A secure lock on the door can keep devices protected when not in use, which is great for school-owned devices.


Power Up’s UVC Charging Carts are available for purchase or for rent. We know school budgets can be tightso, if you’d like to try it before you buy it, you can select a rental unit and test it out before making a big commitment. With our customized branding options, you can even add your school’s logo or mascot onto the cart for a touch of school spirit.


To learn more about charging carts for schools or any of our other sanitizing solutions, contact us today.