Power Cashless Concessions and Digital Ticketing at Stadiums with PowerUp

09.08.21 02:38 PM By melinakorine

As much as we would like to fully live in the moment and soak in every second of the big game, we rely on our phones a lot while at the stadium. In order to snap photos of the field, share the score on social media, stay in touch with the people we came with, or call an Uber at the end of the night, we need a fully charged phone.


Mobile charging solutions can help fans power through that extra inning or stay connected as they wait for the game-winning touchdown. By setting up charging tables, you’ll help attendees enjoy the game to the fullestand you’ll more than likely score big on ROI.


Stadiums Are Going Digital

On top of the everyday conveniences of our phones, many football stadiums and baseball fields now rely on mobile technology for ticketing and concessions. Stadiums are largely going cashless to help reduce contact: “26 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams have proclaimed their stadiums will be completely cash-free this season.” If their phone dies, they might be less inclined to make a mobile concessions purchaseleading to lost profits for your stadium. Mobile ticketing is also on the rise, and so fans will need their device to access tickets and get into the bleachers. These changes make it all the more essential that stadium-goers have access to their phones at all times.


Keep Fans Connected with Mobile Charging

As a stadium manager or event planner, you know that a fan’s experience at the game is everything. Charging solutions are a fantastic opportunity to improve the guest experiencewith no expensive renovation or personnel changes required! Charging amenities are also a great draw for club-level guests. Going the extra mile to ensure that your all-star guests feel comfortable and connected makes all the difference.


Charging Tables Are a Powerful Solution

Power Up’s charging tables allow you to provide attendees with convenient, hassle-free mobile charging. With enough capacity for over 20 devices, these tables are the perfect gathering place for fans to recharge before heading back into the stands. Users can power a variety of devices through 9 cables, 6 USB ports, 3 wireless locations, and 3 outlets.


Our charging tables are available in three heights, high-top, standard, and coffee table, so you can select whichever size makes the most sense for your needs. You can place the table in any high-traffic area, such as the lobby or by concessions. Tables also a great amenity for club level guests. Add a personal touch with the home team’s logo with our customized branding options.


Plus, you can get usage analytics though a sensor on the table that passively collects data from guests’ phones to measure traffic and generate metrics. This enables you to learn more about the demographics of your attendees such as age, gender, income, interests, and more. With this data, you can discover more about guests and retain these helpful insights for future events. You’ll also gain insight into how many fans connected to the tables, so you can gauge where you want to place tables in the future.


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