Powering Up Electric Vehicles

15.06.23 01:21 AM By melinakorine

Odds are, you pass at least a few electric vehicles (EVs) on the road every time you go for a drive. Between 2011-2021, the number of EVs on the road increased from 22,000 to over 2 million. What once was a rarity, only driven by the most eco-conscious, is becoming a popular option for the masses. 

There Are Many Benefits to Electric Vehicles…

Electric cars offer countless benefits. On an individual level, we can enjoy the perks of an eco-friendly vehicle while saving on gas. On a global level, electric and hybrid vehicles can offer significant emissions benefits when compared to conventional vehicles. Electric vehicles also boost energy security, which “supports the U.S. economy and helps diversify the U.S. transportation fleet” according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

…But What Happens Next?

The switch to EV doesn’t seem to be slowing down. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Experts believe EVs will make up a third or even half of all light vehicles sold annually in the U.S. by 2030, up from about 7% in 2022.”

However, some wonder if the power grid will be able to keep up. The increased power demand from EVs presents a new challenge for grid operators. Capacity upgrades are in motion, so there’s enough power, in sum. Distribution is where the situation gets sticky. Electricity is readily available in central locations, but people need to be able to charge their EVs at home and on-the-go. Can enough power be brought to homes and businesses? 

Portable Power Could Help

Portable charging solutions could potentially help in the interim. Our Solar Charging Trailer is a great way to replace gas-powered generators. These full-size trailers pack enough power to charge over 60 cell phones while supporting a 400-watt audio system, two TVs, and an HD media player. They can even be configured to charge EVs, creating a vehicle charging station anywhere you need it.

Energy-efficient solutions are always a smart investment. Whether it’s a new vehicle or a portable charging product, reliable electric products can help the planet and your wallet. 

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