A Team Effort: Staying Safe During This NBA Season

18.01.21 04:52 PM By melinakorine

Staying safe during the era of COVID-19 is a team effort. As the NBA begins this new season, they are taking extensive protocols to keep players, coaches and staff safe during the pandemic and beyond. Since there are many people working indoors within close proximity, it is important that every possible measure is taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


New COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols

The NBA issued a comprehensive, 113-page health and safety protocol[1] to help combat the spread of COVID-19 for the season. These include recommendations about social distancing, cleaning, communications and more. One of these measures advises that a thorough cleaning scheme must be in place for rooms to ensure these areas are free from potential COVID-19.


One important aspect of minimizing the spread during the season is keeping shared items clean. From two-way radios, to headsets, to notebooks, to iPads, there are lots of essential devices and resources that are being passed around during practices and games. UVC charging carts are a great way for staff to make sure devices are safe, charged and ready to use­without interruption.


Keeping Players, Coaches and Staff Safe with UVC Cleaning

Did you know that germs and bacteria like COVID-19 particles can live on a device for up to 72 hours? Within that time, multiple staff members or players might use any given device. With UVC charging solutions, the germs are eradicated in as little as 5 minutes. If another person needs to use a device after you, simply place it in the cart and it will be charged and sanitized­an easy step that goes a long way in keeping everyone safe from COVID-19 and other germs and pathogens.


On top of their already busy schedules, production teams and facilities managers now need to consider how to keep facilities clean and keep everyone on site healthy. Implementing charging carts is a painless, one-step solution. Cleaning wipes are a common alternative, but they can ultimately waste timeand on game day, every second counts. Wipes need to be constantly refilled and replaced, and can even cause damage to devices. No one has time to deal with slowdowns; device sanitization should be easy, and UVC makes it simpler than ever.


Locker Room Safety

Another protocol calls for staff to increase the cleaning and disinfecting activities frequency for all the areas where people have direct and constant contact and that individual lockers should be sanitized and disinfected after each use and every shift. Locker rooms are one area with an especially large potential for direct, close contact. Bacteria thrives in warm, cramped spaces, and so the potential for the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses is particularly high in locker rooms.


Implementing UVC charging carts in locker rooms can help alleviate some of these issues by helping to keep devices clean. Germs can also be spread through frequent touch points, like if there are devices in the locker room that are used by many people. Players can also use it to charge and sanitize their phones, so that they aren’t bringing germs back out with them when they leave the room.


During this year’s unprecedented basketball season, UVC solutions can help everyone take the necessary precautions and follow through with enhanced safety measures, so that they can get back to game-winning free throws and rebounds.


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