Charge, Sanitize and Track All-In-One With PowerUp and IntelliTrack®

21.12.20 10:34 PM By melinakorine

When keeping everyone safe and connected is a priority, we rely on our devices and need them to be safe and ready to use. However, viruses and other bacteria can live on devices for as long as 3 days. In settings where many people are touching the same device, this could contribute to the spread of germs. To help create the safest environment possible, keeping devices clean, charged, and ready-to-use is essential.


The PowerUp UVC Disinfection Charging Cart provides UVC disinfection within 5 minutes, with a convenient adjustable timer for sanitizing and charging. It can be used with almost any mobile device, from smartphones, to laptops and tablets, to radios and scanners.


Now, we are thrilled to announce that the UVC Charging Cart can be paired with IntelliTrack, a leading provider of inventory management and asset tracking solutions. This collaboration enables users to keep track of laptops, iPads and chromebooks with real-time asset tracking. It is a single source solution that delivers charging, UVC sanitizing, and tracking.


For places like schools and hospitals that have a high volume of devices and users, this can be particularly useful. Especially during the pandemic, teachers, nurses, and front-line workers have more than enough on their plates. IntelliTrack and the PowerUP UVC Charging Carts can help alleviate stress by streamlining processes and ensuring devices are safe to use.


UVC disinfection is a simple and effective way to sanitize that has been implemented for decades, eradicating viruses and bacteria on devices by 99.9999%. The PowerUp UVC Disinfection Charging Cart leverages the power of Ultraviolet C light—which can kill viruses like COVID-19—by destroying them at the molecular level. Unlike cleaning wipes, UVC light is residue-free and cost effective—just set the cart up in a convenient location and it is ready to use, no need to constantly repurchase or replenish supply. Devices are also charged while in the cart, so that they are fully powered up and safe for use, whenever or wherever they are needed.


If a device goes missing, Intellitrack asset tracking makes it easy to locate and return it to the cart for charging and sanitization. IntelliTrack services can also help keep track of each time the device is used and who uses it. This creates a chain of custody, which can track usage in case any malware or inappropriate content is found on the device.


We know how important it is to take every action possible to keep everyone safe and healthy, during these unprecedented times and beyond. We hope that PowerUp and IntelliTrack solutions can provide long-term support for your organization by making certain that devices remain accessible and clean.


Learn more about our UVC Disinfecting Charging Carts and Asset Tracking or contact us with questions.