Covering Our Bases: COVID-19 Safety This Upcoming MLB Season

28.01.21 03:30 PM By melinakorine

Peanuts, Cracker Jack and... facemasks? This upcoming MLB season, America’s pastime will need to adapt to our new normal as the threat of COVID-19 remains. As sports teams across the nation come together for Spring Training to keep the games going, it is essential that protocol is followed to keep players, coaches and operational staff safe. Let’s hit COVID-19 safety out of the park!


MLB COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Enhanced safety protocols have allowed sporting events to continue to be held as safely as possible. It’s crucial that everyone involved in this MLB season takes every precaution possible to keep baseball teams, coaches and staff safe this upcoming season, so that players can keep playing the game.


If protocols are not followed and a player gets sick, they won’t be able to play. Just like any injury or illness that may keep a player out of a game, this could have a big impact on the team as a whole. One missing link could be the difference between a big win or a loss.


Plus, COVID-19 safety during this MLB season impacts more than just the players. Coaches, operational staff, facilities managers and more are all an important part of the season, and they are at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 as well.


With this in mind, it is crucial that steps are taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses during the season, and so site protocols have been implemented. For example, all players and staff must be wearing face coverings, only essential personnel will be traveling and gatherings are limited. These are all great steps towards COVID-19 safety, but another key component is keeping commonly used and/or shared devices clean and sanitized.


Leveraging UVC Sanitization to Keep MLB Safe

Operational staff should take every precaution possible into consideration. One easy way to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria is to make sure that devices are sanitized. The PowerUp UVC Charging Cart provides UVC disinfection within 5 minutes. It can hold up to 65 devices at a time and can be placed in any convenient and accessible area.


Behind the scenes of each game, there is a lot of technology that is used to keep things running smoothly at baseball games. From two-way radios and headsets to keep coaches in contact, to iPads to keep track of scores and plays, there are some devices that might be shared among many users. Limiting the number of shared devices can help, but it is still important to keep each clean and sanitized.


UVC sanitizing, like the PowerUp UVC Charging Cart, will ensure that each device is sanitized between uses, so that technology can be shared safely. By emitting UVC light, the cart disinfects devices by killing bacteria, germs and other pathogens at the molecular level. It will also keep devices charged and ready to go, so that everyone can use devices safely, quickly and without interruption.


Our carts are a one-and-done solution, especially compared to device cleaning wipes. Once the cart is installed, it doesn’t need to be constantly replenished like wipes and other cleaning solutions. It’s also more environmentally friendly, since wipes are thrown out after each use, which creates a lot of waste.


Each person will likely be coming to the facilities with their personal cell phones and tablets as well. Adding a UVC Charging Cart to a locker room is a great way to help keep these personal devices sanitized to minimize the risk of bringing in germs from outside facilities, and to ensure that they are safe to leave the facilities as individuals return home to their families and communities.


This MLB season, UVC solutions can help keep everyone involved safe and COVID-free, so that players, coaches and staff can get back to the game. Now that’s a home run!


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