Don't Let Mobile Computers Mobilize Germs, Too

09.02.21 06:49 PM By melinakorine

In hospitals and long-term care facilities, doctors and nurses travel between rooms with mobile computers while they make their rounds. These computers are an essential part of their job, where they can track patient records, vitals and other important information. As healthcare employees encounter different patients or pass devices between users, bacteria and germs continuously build up on the device.


Did you know that particles and pathogens can live on a device for up to 72 hours? In that time, a doctor might visit hundreds of patientsthat’s a lot of potential for germs to spread. If a device is placed in a PowerUp UVC Charging Cart throughout the day, you can minimize this spread of potentially dangerous germs, keeping employees, patients and visitors safer.


Mobile Computers Can Spread Germs

A study by the Florida Department of Health revealed that a fungus was spread around a COVID unit in a hospital. Over half of the patients inside the unit were impacted by this fungus, and some even became infected. While tracing the fungus’ path, researchers discovered that the spread may have been caused by healthcare providers themselves. According to the study, they could have been carrying the germs on “…mobile computers and equipment that had been insufficiently cleaned.”


If the hospital had properly cleaned and sanitized their mobile computers and other devices, perhaps the fungus would not have spread and patients would not have become infected. In order to keep everyone healthy and prevent further incidents like this one, it’s crucial that hospitals and long-term care facilities invest in sanitizing solutions.


PowerUp UVC Charging Carts Reduce Transmission

The PowerUp UVC Charging Cart destroys bacteria at the molecular level. In as little as 5 minutes, devices are disinfected by the power of UVC light, a technology that has been utilized in hospitals and labs for decades. Each cart is equipped to handle mobile computers, as well as phones, tablets, keyboards, radios, tools and equipment. Plus, the cart will charge devices while they remain plugged in, so that when you’re ready for them, your device is powered up, sanitized and ready to go!


Designed to fit dozens of devices at once, these carts can be added to any convenient or high-traffic location. Installing a cart in an accessible spot for doctors, nurses and other employees allows them to sanitize their mobile computers. You can also place one in the lobby to ensure that patient and visitor belongings are sanitized before they enter or exit the building. Or, add a cart to the break room to keep employees’ personal devices secure.


Let’s Stop the Spread Together

As we make efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, we also need to keep in mind the potential of other viruses, bacteria and germs. Along with proper hand washing, mask wearing, social distancing and other important safety measures, device sanitizing is an important step towards limiting the transmission of illness-causing pathogens.


If you have any questions about our device sanitizing and charging solutions, contact us today! We can help you find a product that suits your unique needs and keeps everyone a safer.