Portable Solar Charging on the Go: How it Works

15.01.24 01:07 AM By melinakorine

At Power Up, we’re innovating the next generation of mobile charging solutions. One of our newest developments is the Solar Charging Trailer, a powerful, all-in-one power station for on-site device charging and content delivery. Designed to bring power wherever you need it, this versatile charging technology is the future of emergency response.

The charging trailer is ideal for emergency management agencies who need to bolster their EMA capabilities. When natural disasters or other emergencies cause power outages, deployable charging solutions help keep devices powered and communities connected. Whether it’s first responders who need to keep their gear powered or civilians who need to contact loved ones, accessible charging is priceless during an emergency.

Power Wherever You Need It

The charging trailer’s solar setup works the same way as the solar panels on your roof. When sunlight reaches the solar panels on the trailer, it is converted into electrical energy. The energy is then sent to a battery, which powers the trailer. Then, all you have to do is plug in your device. From the sun, to your phone (or laptop or tablet), just like that. 

Our standard configuration includes 1100 watts of solar power, with up to 19kWh LiFePO4 depending on battery power needs The trailer itself is outfitted with cabinets, lighting, and an excellent 400 watt sound system. 

On the exterior, two 55” sunlight readable industrial monitors and a media player create an immersive gathering place. There are also 20 RFID and PIN-controlled lockers so that visitors can securely leave their devices to charge.

Power Up’s Solar Charging Trailer offers countless benefits, including:


  • Easy to use: You don’t need any technical knowledge to operate a charging trailer. Once the charger is delivered, all you need to do is power it on. To charge a device, users simply plug in their devices like they would at home.

  • Rugged design: Extremely sturdy construction makes the trailer suitable for tough outdoor conditions. The battery stays protected inside a hard-shell case.

  • Portable power: Unlike typical solar panels, our trailer is fully mobile. If you need power in a remote location or you’re dealing with power outages, the trailer can go wherever you need it most.

Let’s Go Solar

If you want to learn more about our solar charging trailers or any of our other solar solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to discuss sustainable energy and portable power to help you find the right technology for your organization.