POWER UP Launches New Solar Charging Table

26.09.19 02:34 PM By ryandoak

BALTIMORE – September 25, 2019 – POWER UP TM,  the industry’s premium cell phone charging technology company, has added a new Solar Charging Table to its line of charging products. The Solar Charging Table is an innovative solution for utility companies and emergency response teams that need to provide power after storm damage or natural disasters.
The Solar Charging Table is also perfect for festivals and outdoor events, creating a convenient and collaborative atmosphere for guests and customers who need to keep their devices charged and connected. The new Solar Charging Table includes panels to harness 68 watts of solar power to charge a 35Ah battery. Each table features six USB ports with a real-time voltage display. The tables can be customized to showcase a company’s branding or a sponsor’s logo. “More and more of our customers are using the best-selling POWER UP Charging Tables at outdoor events to provide gathering places for conversation, drinks, and charging,” said Ryan Doak, co-founder of POWER UP. “Adding solar panels to create Solar Charging Tables was the next logical step to provide uninterrupted power and convenience to create a premium guest experience.” When combined with the POWER UP Charging Trailer, it provides a total solution for utility companies and emergency response services — including an audio system and large outdoor screens with secure charging lockers and 700 watts of solar power. For more information and pricing, call Ryan Doak at 410-394-5500. 

About POWER UP POWER UP™ is the industry's premium cell phone charging technology company. Our mission is to connect moments that matter for companies, events and facilities whose guests and customers depend on a fully charged cell phone, laptop or mobile device. For more information, visit powerupconnect.com