Power Up Your Emergency Services with Solar Charging Trailers

03.11.20 03:21 PM By melinakorine

Many aspects of our daily lives are on pause during the era of COVID-19, but natural disasters certainly are not. From hurricanes in the south to wildfires in the west, emergency situations are still occurring just as frequently as ever. According to the Federation of American Scientists, as of October 1, 2020, over 44,000 wildfires have burned nearly 7.7 million acres this year. During these times, we rely on our phones and other devices to keep us connected, informed and safe.


Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) do incredible work helping communities that are affected by crises by supporting emergency preparedness, response and recovery efforts. These teams need to be prepared and connected at all times, which is why our PowerUp™ Solar-powered Charging Trailer is an ideal solution for EMAs. Devices like cell phones and tablets are vital to stay in contact with officials, receive important updates and to simply let workers’ loved ones know that they are safe. First responders already have more than enough on their plates during ever-changing crisis situations––they shouldn’t have to worry about dead devices, too. EMAs have utilized grant programs, such as the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG), the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and Assistance to Firefighters (AFG), for purchase of equipment to enhance and improve the nation’s readiness against major disasters and emergencies.


Emergency situations are frequently accompanied by power outages. Loss of power can have detrimental impacts on communities, slowing down aid and recovery efforts, limiting communication and hindering connectivity. Traditional backup generators are often clunky, difficult to repair and in limited supply. Plus, they usually require frequent fuel resupply, which can be costly and waste precious time.


Our PowerUp™ Solar-powered Charging Trailer can provide an alternative to traditional backup generators and can complement existing emergency setups. Its innate mobility allows the trailer to be deployed on site wherever first responders need it, in whatever the most accessible and convenient location may be. This way, first responders can rest assured that their phones, laptops and other communication devices can always be charged and ready to go. Over 90 devices can be charged at once, via three methods. Users can select a secure locker that is accessible through an RFID wristband or a keycode, or use one of the USB cables and ports on the counter of the trailer. The trailer also comes with portable solar-powered charging tables for additional power supply and can even be equipped to become a WiFi Hotspot.


Our trailer can be used to provide temporary power, but it can also provide a platform to support community resilience outreach efforts year-round. Equipped with two outdoor HD flatscreen TVs, the trailer is a great way to facilitate awareness sessions and education programs in your community—before disaster strikes. The TVs can also be used during emergency response to display information and to direct people to the chargers. Additionally, the trailer can be outfitted with UVC in each locker bay and UVC charging cart that can be deployed in case of limited mobility. 


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen. We can’t predict what’s next, but we can try our best to be prepared. By providing critical support for first responders, charging stations like this serve to support communities and connect people when they need it most. Contact us to find out more about the PowerUp™ Solar-powered Charging Trailer and other charging solutions.

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