Reliable Charging for Electric Vehicles, On-the-Go

19.04.22 12:07 AM By melinakorine

As we work together to create a more sustainable future, electric vehicles are an increasingly popular choice. More and more auto manufacturers are offering fully electric and hybrid options in all shapes and sizes. Even the devastating global supply chain issues in recent years didn’t slow down the electric car market. In fact, in 2021, electric car sales grew to 6.6 million, doubling since 2020. 


Consumers opt for electric vehicles because they are more eco-friendly and cost-effective than their gas-guzzling alternatives, particularly as gas prices continue to rise. But, a big concern is being able to recharge while you’re on the go. Electric cars now represent nearly 9% of the global car market, which means that we need more charging solutions than ever before to keep up with rising demand.


Powering Up Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle charging stations are becoming increasingly common across the country, but they are not as easy to locate as gas stations quite yet. So, what happens if you run out of power and you aren’t near a charging station?


Personal Electric Vehicles
Backup batteries like Power Up’s Power Station are a great option for electric vehicles. You’ll never be stranded without power––you’ll have a battery for emergency charging whenever and wherever you need it.


Public Electric Vehicles
Batteries are also a great investment for roadside assistance teams looking to unlock a new market and provide service for electric vehicle drivers. Multiple batteries can be daisy-chained together for maximum power. Plus, as more states are making the switch to electric school buses and greener public transportation, backup batteries can help keep everyone powered on the road.


Convenient Emergency Charging

Our Power Station portable battery offers 3kWh of power, plenty of charging capacity for electric vehicles. A rugged hardshell case and wheels allow for easy transport, and the compact profile offers convenient storage. It's safe, efficient, and easy to use: the ideal solution for electric vehicles on-the-go.


Get Charged

To learn more about the Power Station or any of our other products, reach out to the Power Up team. We’re here to help you find effective, reliable solutions for everything from vehicles, to stadiums, to hospitals. Send us an email or give us a call at 410-394-5500 to get powered up today.