When Natures Power Leads to Outages: Getting Ahead

26.02.24 08:55 PM By melinakorine

From gusty winds to flooding rains, nature’s power can get in the way of our electrical power. How do you stay connected when natural disasters make it impossible to rely on the grid? Power Up’s solutions are an investment you can make now to prepare for the future.

Potential Outages On The Rise

It’s easy to take electricity for granted, but bad weather has a way of showing us how fragile the power grid really is. A gust of wind or an icy night can wipe power lines and impact internet connection. Due to the effects of climate change, the frequency of severe storms is already on the rise. It’s time to get ahead of the problem before it gets worse.

Severe weather impacts every region of the United States. No area is immune, whether it’s hurricanes, snow storms, wildfires, or another hazard. Everyone needs to be prepared for the increasingly common threat of power outages. Research from the National Library of Medicine shows that storms are responsible for 83% of large-scale (affecting at least 50,000 people) power outages in the US.

One severe storm can have major ripple effects on your community. It takes time to rebuild downed power lines and repair damaged infrastructure. Even after the immediate threat of a storm passes, the recovery period can take weeks or even months. In the interim, you need to have a way to ensure your community has power.

Protect Your Community with Portable Power

Whether it’s equipping rescue teams or helping civilians recharge and reconnect, emergency power is essential. So, how can you get your neighborhood back on the grid? Portable solar charging solutions are the answer.

Powered by the sun, our Solar Charging Trailer will provide power whenever, wherever you need it––even if the grid is down. Civilians and customers can use the trailer’s outlets to recharge their phones and get in contact with loved ones. Your organization can power up communication equipment, or anything else you need for emergency response efforts. 

The trailer itself can be a valuable emergency communication tool. With two 55” outdoor-rated screens, you can quickly share information with a wide audience. You can even stream Bluetooth audio and broadcast announcements. 

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