POWER UP™ Announces New Wireless Charging Feature

POWER UP™ is integrating Qi wireless technology in its charging tables to connect moments that matter

wireless chargingWe recently announced a new wireless charging feature for our POWER UP™ Charging Tables. We have begun integrating Qi wireless technology in order to provide users with additional ways to stay connected, regardless of the manufacturer or make of the device.

With the addition of the wireless charging feature, each POWER UP™ Charging Table, equipped with a portable power bank, can power up to 19 phones, tablets, laptops or other devices. With one wireless charging pad, three standard electric outlets, six USB ports and nine charging cables, the table has multiple ways to help those in need connect with those who matter most.

Ryan E. Doak, co-founder, said, “The Qi wireless charging standard has been an Android phone staple for more than five years. However, when Apple announced that from the iPhone 8 forward, users would be able to charge their devices on standard Qi charging stations, it was a natural progression for POWER UP to implement the technology into our products. Since individuals tend to stay at our charging tables for extended periods of time, it is the perfect added convenience to have the ability to charge devices without being tethered by a cord.”

The Qi wireless chargers installed in each POWER UP™ Charging Table are capable of “Fast Charge,” by transferring up to 15 watts to a phone’s battery. The chargers continue to transfer power at this increased rate until the battery reaches a saturation point, which is usually around 60-80 percent. At that point, the phone’s power controller scales back the amount of power it’s receiving and your phone will begin to charge more and more slowly as it approaches 100 percent.

POWER UP™ works directly with our clients to create unique charging experiences that can be customized with branding and preloaded video and image content. The products are sent to the client completely set up and ready to be used. Learn more about POWER UP and our charging technology.