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POWER UP™ Charging TrailerPower Up charging trailer

The POWER UP™ Charging Trailer is full-sized, custom branded, mobile device charging trailer, that can charge 60 cell phones and handle the demands of a large crowd or a tough environment with ease.  It also includes 8 USB ports, perfect for events, festivals, and community outreach.

The trailer is equipped with two 55″ premium, outdoor-rated screens and an HD media player capable of looping mpg4 video and jpg images and can stream bluetooth audio.

Why Choose the POWER UP™ Charging Trailer?

The POWER UP™ Charging Trailer transforms festivals and events into a premium experience. Solar panels can be added to this trailer as an option, serving as a resource during emergency response situations, keeping people connected in the moments that matter.

What Makes the POWER UP™ Charging Trailer Unique?

Unique to our portfolio, the POWER UP™ Charging Trailer is entirely customizable depending on our client’s needs.

While many of our customers use the POWER UP™ Charging Trailers as public amenities at large outdoor events, it is portable and versatile enough to adapt to any situation.

The POWER UP™ Charging Trailers have created exceptional charging experiences for the Richmond Folk Festival, the Riverrock Festival, the Baltimore Grand Prix, and the 2014 Shindig Music Festival.  Equally equipped to be used in emergency response situations, the POWER UP™ Charging Tables digital signage can be customized to display any message, including information regarding power outages or instructions to make an emergency reporting process go more smoothly.

Optional Lockers with RFID wrist band technology are also available to add to the trailer for those needing extra security.

How Does the POWER UP™ Charging Trailer Work?

Optional Solar Panels:
The panels with battery storage provide days of power and a clean energy solution for any public event or emergency.

Sound System:
The POWER UP™ Charging Trailers’ speakers use a 500-watt audio system for sound.

55″ Outdoor screens:
Commercial-Grade Optically Bonded Outdoor Monitor, showcased in a powder coated rust-free aluminum body. The monitor use a 700 nit sunlight readable bright LED video panel that is protected by a robust and specially formulated Anti-Glare/Anti-Reflective chemically treated piece of glass that is bonded directly to our panels using the latest in refractive indexed matched optical clear rated adhesives.

The POWER UP™ Charing Trailer also features custom cabinets for storing all of your gear.

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Description Specs
Dimensions 10' H x 5'W x 12' D
Weight 3100 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 8'4"" H x 8' W x 15'3" D
Shipping Weight 3100 lbs.
Devices Charged (max) 70
Lockers Optional
Cables 60
USB Ports 10
RFID Enabled Optional
Power Supply Solar, Battery Back-up, Generator
Custom Branding Yes
Display Two 55" Outdoor Screens + Media + 400 Watt Audio System + 4 Speakers
Warranty Limited Lifetime
“The POWER UP™ Charging Trailer created a one-of-a-kind experience for us and kept our guests connected in the moments that matter. ” Large utility company

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