Add Power Up to Your Lineup This Festival Season

23.07.22 12:14 AM By melinakorine

For many, the adrenaline of a music festival is unmatched. It feels like you can recharge during a weekend spent enjoying live music with friends. However, the same isn’t exactly true for our phones. They’re quickly drained from constant use, snapping photos, searching for set times, and making mobile payments.

This summer, lots of festivals are back in full swing, like Firefly, Electric Zoo, and Moonrise. Power Up’s cell phone charging stations are a perfect solution for festivals and outdoor events like these. Simply set up a portable charging unit so music fans and event staff alike can recharge their devices during the festival. 

Our Charging Table can charge 20+ phones, tablets, or other devices at once. It’s perfect for busy areas, like concession stands, green rooms, and campgrounds. If you’re looking to create a larger charging area, our Charging Trailer is a great pick. These full-sized trailers can charge 60+ cell phones at once. You can even add custom branding and media along with your festival logo.

5 Benefits of Charging for Festivals

Festivals can benefit from cell phone charging in many ways, including:

  1. Keep ticketing and entry running smoothly

As more events switch to digital tickets, attendees will need to have a charged device to get into the festival. Avoid the hassles and hold-ups that dead phone batteries can cause at festival entry points––set up a charging station.

  1. Enhance guest experience

No one wants to spend time during the festival stressing about their phone battery. With phone charging stations at your event, guests can enjoy peace of mind knowing they’ll never have to deal with a dead phone. It’s a great way to go the extra mile and increase attendee satisfaction.

  1. Support event safety

Cell phones are for more than just taking videos or scrolling social media. It’s important for festival-goers to have access to a charged phone to stay in contact with their groups, get notified about any event updates, and more.

  1. Promote digital payments

Cashless concessions and merch tables are increasingly popular. Not only do they help keep contact to a minimum to prevent the spread of COVID, but they also make transactions quick and keep lines short. Having cell phone charging available encourages attendees to take advantage of digital payments.

  1. Offer as an amenity for VIP sections
    Cell phone charging stations are also a great perk for VIP sections or ticket upgrades. You can give special guests the opportunity to recharge their phones and enjoy a moment to relax between sets.

Try Power Up’s Rental Equipment

Want to get charging equipment for your festival or seasonal event? Renting from Power Up is a great option for short-term usage. You can enjoy the full benefits of our charging equipment without the hassle of storage between seasons or a large up-front investment. 

We have a number of warehouses across the country and plenty of inventory ready to be deployed. To set up a Power Up rental, send us an email with the details of your event including delivery and pick-up days and times. We’ll be in touch with more information.