Connect the Moments that Matter this Summer with Power Up

17.05.22 09:10 PM By melinakorine

Charging trailer

After a couple of summers without some of the events we’ve come to know and love, outdoor events are finally back on. Keep them running smoothly with Power Up charging equipment. Renting our Charging Lockers, Charging Tables, and Charging Trailers are ideal for your next outdoor event.


Upcoming music festivals like FireflyGov BallLollapalooza, and more can set up charging stations for fans to recharge between sets. Charging solutions are also great for city-wide events, like 4th of July fireworks, or Pride parades. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to keep devices charged and keep everyone connected.


The Benefits of Phone Charging at Summer Events

Charging equipment is a great solution for outdoor events. From improving guest satisfaction to driving revenue, our charging units offer plenty of benefits for summer events:


1) It’s an excellent amenity for event guests

As much as we want to live in the moment during our fun summer events, we still need our phones to stay in contact with our friends, call for rideshares, and more. A dead phone battery can quickly become a big headache. Guests will feel more comfortable at your event if they know they’ll never have to worry about their devices running out of battery. Phone charging is a fantastic amenity to increase guest satisfaction and keep attendees worry-free. 


2) You can rely on mobile tickets and cashless payments

More and more events are going digital and contactless. But, if a guest is unable to make a concessions purchase just because their phone is dead, you’re missing out on revenue. Summer events relying on digital tickets and/or payment methods should ensure that attendees have access to charging equipment so that their phones, tickets, and digital wallets are always accessible.


3) It can support marketing efforts and social media posts

If a guest’s phone is dead, they’re not going to be posting about your event online or taking photos––and you’ll be missing out on free marketing. Giving attendees access to charging amenities gives your event the best possible chance of attracting social media buzz so that even more guests attend next year.


Power Up Your Summer Fun

When you decide to purchase charging equipment for your upcoming summer event, look no further than Power Up’s advanced charging technology. We have a wide range of equipment, from individual charging tables to high-capacity charging trailers. Or, opt for our charging lockers with secure compartments, ideal for big public events. No matter what you need, we can help you find the right charging equipment for your event.

Our rental units are a great option for seasonal events. You can rent charging equipment for the summer, then return it to us at the end of the season. No need to worry about storage or maintenance. Just schedule pick up and let us handle the rest!


Let’s Have a Great Summer

Our team here at Power Up is here to help you prepare for your events this summer and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about renting or purchasing the right charging solution for your needs.