Leave a Powerful Impression at Tradeshows and Conferences

17.09.21 07:23 PM By melinakorine

Tradeshows and conferences are a great place to mingle with potential collaborators, clients, and consumers. However, to make the most of the event, it’s key to make a good impression on attendees. Setting up a charging table at your booth or having multiple tables throughout the event space is a great way to impress eventgoers and boost brand awareness.


Tradeshows Are Returning Post-Pandemic

As more of the population gets vaccinated and the world is starting up again, in-person tradeshows and conferences are returning! As of 2019, the tradeshow industry was valued at $15.58 billion. There was a decline in 2020 as events became virtual during the pandemic, but experts expect it to bounce back.


Standout with Charging Tables

For marketers and event planners, tradeshows and conferences are an amazing opportunity to showcase your brand. But, with so many companies in attendance at every conference, it’s important to create a memorable experience at your booth for attendees. But, how can you stand out and make a lasting impression?


One way to make a lasting impression is through a branded charging table. Conferences can be long and draining. Everyone could use a phone charge and a quick break during the day! Attendees will be grateful to stop by your table for a refresh. While there, they can gain exposure to your brand and enjoy complimentary phone charging––it’s a win-win for all.


Power Up’s Charging Tables

Power Up’s Charging Tables are the perfect addition to your tradeshow booth. Attendees can gather around to chat, charge, and set their drinks down, creating a welcoming setting for everyone will enjoy. The charging tables can power up to 20 devices with 9 cables, 6 USB ports, up to 3 wireless locations, and 3 outlets.


In addition, with Power Up’s analytics package, you’ll gain access to user analytics including interest, age, gender, heritage, and income. These valuable demographic insights will help you know who plugged in at the event and who may be interested in your brand.


With the ability to add customized branding to the unit, users will see your company’s logo, reinforcing brand recognition and attaching your name to the positive experience of being able to charge their phone.


Let’s Work Together

A brand’s presence is everything. Power-up your booth and give your brand a boost with a Charging Table! To rent or purchase a charging unit for your next tradeshow or conference, contact us today. We’re here to help find a great solution for your brand.