Live Music Rocks with Mobile Charging

26.07.21 09:07 PM By melinakorine

After a long year and a half, live music is finally back. Artists are touring and music fans around the country are coming together once again to enjoy shows in-person. However, even live events still rely on digital technology. Mobile charging solutions are a great way to ensure that attendees can access all of your event’s amenities and elevate guest experience.


Live Events Require Digital Technology

In a recent survey of live music industry experts, 84.2% cited that they expect the majority of events will be cashless going forward. In order to attend an indoor concert in Spain, attendees even had to download not just one, but two mobile apps. One was for contact tracing, and another was “to receive their COVID-19 test results, complete health questionnaires before and 10 days after the event and fill out a satisfaction survey.” The event was successful, and no attendees contracted COVID-19, but it wouldn’t have been possible without mobile devices.


With touchless pay for concessions, digital QR tickets that need to be scanned for entry, and more phone-reliant amenities, attendees need to be able to use their phones at concerts and festivals more than ever before.


The Power of Mobile Charging

So, what happens if a fan’s phone is dead? They might lose access to these essential components of the event and could have a poor event experience. Concertgoers need to be able to rely on their phones.


Mobile charging with a charging table is the perfect solution for concerts and festivals. Fans can simply head over to the charging station and power up their devices. There are countless benefits to mobile charging for both event hosts and guests. Concert-goes will love the peace of mind knowing they never have to worry about a dead battery during their night out. From mobile ticketing to cashless purchasing, to taking photos and videos, to calling their uber home, guests will be able to rely on their mobile device.


As an event host, guest satisfaction is everything. Happy guests will write positive reviews and spread the word on social media. If your event has a VIP area with bonus amenities for a higher-priced ticket, a charging station is a great draw.


Plus, you can even collect usage analytics to learn more about attendees. Power Up’s Charging Tables contain a sensor that will passively collect data from guest’s phones to measure traffic and generate metrics. You’ll gain amazing insights into your event demographics including age, gender, household income, heritage, and interests. From this information, you can better understand your audience––and make your next event even more successful.


Rent A Charging Table for Your Next Event

Planning your next live music event? You can rent a Power Up Charging Table. That way, you can provide guests with mobile charging, without the commitment of purchasing a unit. No need to worry about storing equipment between events––we’ll handle it for you. All you need to do is contact us at least 2 weeks before delivery and we’ll deliver it to your venue. You can even add customized branding to take the experience to the next level. Learn more about the easy rental process with Power Up here and contact us today to find out more!