PowerUp: Supporting Patients, Visitors and Staff In Hospitals

04.01.21 09:24 PM By melinakorine

uvc charging stations for hospital

At hospitals, there are many situations in which we rely on our phones and devices to stay connected and calm, like calling loved ones to provide updates, passing time while awaiting results, or sharing good news with family members. A depleted cell phone battery can add unnecessary stress to an already difficult situation. But in these moments, remembering to bring a charger and charge our phones is probably the last thing on our minds.


PowerUp charging stations provide a convenient solution, making it easy for patients, visitors and staff members to charge their devices, so that we can all focus on what matters most. Adding a charging station to a waiting room, lobby, or another convenient location can help keep things running smoothly at hospitals.


Supporting Staff Members

For staff members who need their phones, tablets and other devices accessible and ready to go throughout the day, a charging cart provides peace of mind. The PowerUp UVC Disinfection Charging Cart is a great option for hospital staff. It provides secure, reliable charging and sanitizing for dozens of devices at a time—no adapters necessary. Devices can simply be plugged into the cart and will continue to be powered until fully charged. The carts can also be enclosed with a lock for secure storage, which is great for break rooms or areas where employees might want to leave their devices during the day.


Safety For Visitors and Patients

Installing separate charging solutions for visitors, patients and employees can also be a good option for hospitals. A strategically placed charging unit, like the PowerUp Pure Zone Charging Tower, can be helpful in many ways, including safety. One key concern is crowded hallways, which can impede traffic flow and even create safety hazards. If a charging tower is accessible and available for visitor use in waiting rooms, it keeps people away from wall outlets and safely out of the way.


If frantic visitors or patients are struggling with dead devices, they might require assistance to find an outlet, taking up hospital staff members’ valuable time. By setting up a designated, easy-to-find charging location with a charging tower, everyone can know exactly where to charge their devices, providing comfort for visitors and patients and allowing employees to focus on giving care. Best of all, the PowerUp Pure Zone Charging Tower is coated with antimicrobial film, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Charging units are a fantastic way for hospitals to demonstrate willingness to go the extra mile to provide a comfortable, compassionate environment for their patients, visitors and staff members.


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